A Girl Can Dream.

So Simple, So Me.tias dress


My Halloween Treat!


God Mommy's Monkey!

Frame It.

first family

Beautiful. This photo needs to be the backdrop that comes in picture frames. I’d leave the sheet in the frame.

Black Men In The Age of Obama

Age of Obama

the answer: Focus on being a better you.

PE-025-0140I wonder, what exactly do they mean by that?

There’s no denying that I have had my share of break ups, mix ups, and heart breaks. Havent we all? And all too often when seeking advice from friends, guys and girls alike, only one power ball makes it out of the machine: Focus on being a better you. While three times may be a charm, I shouldn’t be so lucky to have heard it every time. For a few, I will admit, there were things i could focus on for me. Such as improving my GPA, searching for internships, and just having a smile on my face that I put there alone. But when each of these improvements have been made, what’s next? When the “focus on being a better you” has exhausted what do my friends then recommend doing next? being better than better?

I can proudly say I’ve got me. My focus has never been deterred as a result of a storm. I have a drive and a passion for my life and what I will become, and while a tear may hit my pillow and wash away my smile temporarily, it could never flood the path I have created for myself.  I’ve been to the parties without having my cell phone buzzing with questions, and yes it was nice. I’ve had a busy day and was able to just fall asleep without having to check in or send a goodnight text. I’ve received numbers, given out my number, and flirted without guilt. Sounds good huh? Thats what being detached gives you the freedom to do right? But if I’m supposedly free, why is my smile imprisoned?

I am a junior Marketing major in college. I have a 3.43 grade point average. I have interned at Standard & Poor’s, ESPN and am currently in the Disney College Program receiving credit as a full time student. My network of contacts is continuously growing and I know what I want for my life on a short term and long term span.

Ive got me. Ive always recognized that I’m the prize.

But when you’ve reached that point where you think youre doing so well, whats left to focus on? Not love, because in turn they say “it will come when youre not looking for it”

Then what?

My Smile = Priceless

something sweet

Something Sweet

So he hits you up and wants to go out. Just another movie, another restaurant, another trip to the adolescent days of bowling with the small brown balls and guard rails. Too predictable. And if hes not a great conversationalist, you’re better off calling it a night in. With the recession at hand, why spend money on a cliche date? To go out is to get creative nowadays. My smile is definately a look for less. Look at the price tag for this weekends smile 🙂

A pint of brighams vanilla ice cream $4.49

hershey’s hardshell chocolate syrup 2/$3

whipped cream $1.99

plastic spoons $.99

= $9

We made a sort-of-melted-slightly-hard sundae! :-).  And I must admit it was better than going to an icecream parlor. We sat by the water (freezing), shared a sundae, and had a real conversation. Many guys (and some girls) are monosyllabic – their conversations consist of one word answers. But for me, that would never cut it. I need to know that you can hold a conversation, that you have a life plan, a sense of humor, listening skills and feedback. It was sweet, and I don’t think i stopped smiling for a minute. Guys try so hard to impress girls, instead of just being themselves and showing her a good time.

One of the best in a while, despite it getting a little messy ;-). We made a good cleanup crew.



“It dont get no better” you say

The Case of the Ex

Can Ex's be friends?

Can Ex's be friends?

Growing up big brother gave me three pieces of advice which felt more like a reminder that I was making a fool of myself again! ugh

(1) No dude puts all his eggs in one basket (2) Girls and Guys CANT be friends and (3) You CANT go back to calling an ex a friend or brother figure for that matter.

Heard them tossed around before? Well it’s been tossed at me more frequently than i can seem to catch it.  

Funny enough, I had to laugh at a situation I ran into the other day with the case of the ex, rule #3.

If you’ve been up with the blog, I used to sit on a throne with a king, turned a solid friendship into what was aimed at solid commitment. But I was dethroned. He was dethroned. No more King, No more Queen. With most ends, a break is needed but for some you rekindle. For us, any type of relationship was a start.

So friends it is, but when does that open the door for an ex to give future relationship advice? Uhh it doesnt.

We’re texting and I comment on the growth ive noticed in him. Slyly he comments that he hopes ive done some growing as well because “Lord knows you needed it :-X”.

Ha! I laughed and told him it sounded like he had some suggestions and he returned with this

“well for starters you gotta stop applying sooo much pressure on guys. most can’t handle it, unlike myself”.


he elaborates …

“I mean pressure as your expectations for guys who aren’t use to and never had to step up to that kinda plate”


I laughed. Since when did you become my Dr. Phil? As a guy that hates even hearing me mention a guys name, now you want to make me more marketable for guys? Like this will help me to have a more successful relationship with the next guy? As he says he was able to handle to my expectations, so isn’t that a clear reflection that there are guys that meet those expectations?

I responded with this …

“Hmm when i lower those expectations (i.e. “bleep”), i get shortchanged. I’m sure u can relate. as of now i don’t have any expectations because I’m not interested in looking or receiving. when i do, however, I’m sure he’ll compliment me where i wont need to alter those expectations”


I’m just saying, if a guy doesn’t meet your expectations, plain and simple he is not the dude for you. You shouldn’t have to make alterations because as a real woman, you should want a guy to have those same expectations for you. This goes beyond materialism, this is emotional, mental and spiritual.

What ya think?