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Black Love.

barack n michelle

“my ups and downs, our ups and downs in our marriage can help young couples sort of realize that good marriages take work…”…. “The image of a flawless relationship is the last thing we want to project,” she said. “It’s unfair to the institution of marriage, and it’s unfair for young people who are trying to build something, to project this perfection that doesn’t exist.”

I love, love. Black love. Michelle and Barack, love. Will and Jada, Love. Clair and Cliff, love.


Her Written Thoughts – continued.


Lies and deceit. Heart ache and heart break. Something so good. Caused so much bad. So much hurt. So much confusion. So much mental blockage. The truth does not bury itself. But you have the power to bury it. Conceal it. Disguise it. Mask it. Deny it. And you did. The easy route. The easier way out. The easiest escape from coming to terms with your actions. Coming too close to being caught. Exposed. Unveiled. Not you. But me. I came to terms with my actions. Came up close and was caught. Exposed. Unveiled.  Vulnerable and Confused. I came to you. Blinded by your “good” intentions. Deafened by your reassuring words. I came to you. Believing that what I saw was real. Believing that what I was hearing was a blessing. A blessing? Can you believe that? Believe this.  I prayed hard. Not for me. For you. More than I prayed for myself. I thought hard. Not about me. About you. I thought more about you than I thought about myself. I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t have a direction to point my finger. Instead I swallowed it. I was sick. And all along, you were the disease. You brought this to me. You gave this to me. You left this with me. To now carry with me to the next relationship. Bag lady. I am her. The weight is now slowing me down.  Heavier than a heart ache. My luggage is building up. And when my destination is reached, where do I begin the unpacking?

Frame It.

ari and nana

Nana and Auntie's Baby, Ariana

It’s bittersweet being in Florida during the holiday season. Not just national holidays, but the one’s that my family celebrates like none other together. This year marks Nana’s 75th birthday party and while every grand and great-grand stepped to the mic to let it be known why they adore Nana, my presence was absent. I couldn’t help but smile (and tear up!) when my phone buzzed with this picture message! 🙂

20/20 w/ Rihanna

After nine months of speculation, last night the 20/20 interview with Rihanna regarding her domestic violence suit with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown aired. Digest this:

Your Conclusions?

Disneys Fairy Tale Weddings

Just when you thought Cinderella was a picturesque blonde beauty, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings made it possible for every bride to create her own fairy tale story with a happily ever after ending. Choosing from four different wedding collections, Brides can opt for a more elaborate wedding complete with a personalized wedding ceremony and private reception in the Walt Disney World location of their choice, or  a more intimate priceless ceremony with special arrangments, floral, and a musician for the ceremony. Prices range from an inexpensive $4500 to  six and seven figure price tags. How much will you charge up for a ride in Cinderalla’s coach up main street?

disneys fairy tale weddings

Get swept away on your special day with Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings.

Check out Disney Weddings, for more.

I let my creative genius get the best of me. My fiance will have to pull the emergency break on our wedding expenses because we’ll be paying our wedding off right along with our student loans leave it to me. I’ll just start saving now.

My Daily Inspiration.

Baby Genius?

 The Reason I smile.




Ariana Faith Webster

A Girl Can Dream.

So Simple, So Me.tias dress