Disneys Fairy Tale Weddings

Just when you thought Cinderella was a picturesque blonde beauty, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings made it possible for every bride to create her own fairy tale story with a happily ever after ending. Choosing from four different wedding collections, Brides can opt for a more elaborate wedding complete with a personalized wedding ceremony and private reception in the Walt Disney World location of their choice, or  a more intimate priceless ceremony with special arrangments, floral, and a musician for the ceremony. Prices range from an inexpensive $4500 to  six and seven figure price tags. How much will you charge up for a ride in Cinderalla’s coach up main street?

disneys fairy tale weddings

Get swept away on your special day with Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings.

Check out Disney Weddings, for more.

I let my creative genius get the best of me. My fiance will have to pull the emergency break on our wedding expenses because we’ll be paying our wedding off right along with our student loans leave it to me. I’ll just start saving now.


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